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Opels Unlimited has been in business for over 30 years. During that time it has become the backbone of the Opel Service and Parts industry in California and most of the entire U.S and Canada.

Opels Unlimiteds' inventory is unmatched by any of their competition. They carry parts for everything from the 1957-1963 Olympia Rekords to the 1976-1980 Buick Opel/Isuzu (and its sister the 1981 Isuzu I-Mark). They are especially stocked with parts for the Opel GT and Opel Manta. For those cars in particular they have everything.

They have almost every part in original N.O.S. (New Old Stock) condition, from rubber parts, trim parts, gas caps, rear tail strips, to even the rare side marker lights.

Opels Unlimited has over 14,000 sq. ft. of storage area for Opel parts. In that 14,000 sq.ft. they have over 500 stripped Opels. They directly buy cars from "pick-a-part" junkyards, automobile salvage yards, personal owners, just about any where and from anyone they can, 24 hours a day.

Examples of what and where they have purchased over the years. Purchased the millionaire McBrydes Collection and motivated over 14 people to haul some 20 plus cars out from Nevada back to California. This trip cost us in excess of $30,000. More recently we have gone to Oklahoma and purchased Shady Nook Imports, and a while there also collected Opels from other local Oklahoma junkyards. During the six week period we were there the Opels Unlimited crew cut-up and brought back over 56 Opels. This was the most difficult buy ever done by us, especially since Shady Nook had been in business for over 15 years serving the needs of Opel owners in the Oklahoma and Texas area. Other significant buy outs that Opels Unlimited has done include: A-Sport Auto Wrecking in Fontana, CA; Jimmys' Opel in LA; Bayer Opel industries in Brea, CA; The collection of Opel parts from J.C. Whitneys' inventory (Probably always wondered to yourself where all those parts went, huh?); Willes' Opel Salvage in OK; Wilfer Douchers' Collection (Over 14 cars) in Reno, NV; West Coast Opel Parts in San Diego, CA; Last but not least the Opel Drivers Club of America (the personal cars and all the Opel history and mailing lists). As you can see Opels Unlimited will go to great lengths to purchase large caches of parts and cars. If you know of any be sure to call us about them.

They have on display and for sale over 30 Opels at a time. Once again anything from a 1957 Olympia Caravan to a 1980 Opel/Isuzu. Some of the more notable Opels on display are: A Gullwing GT imported from Germany (only one of the three of its kind), Todds' newly developed Stage Four GT, a 1975 Manta complete with a working factory sunroof, a mint condition 1964 Kaddett "A", a 1967 Kadett Rallye (w/ special European taillights), and of course the original Stage 3 GT ( Todds' personal GT). These aren't the only Opels displayed in the showroom. In the showroom you will often find many other restored Opels that are for sale, while out front you will find a good collection of Opels that while not restored are good starting points for someone that wants to restore a Opel himself.

They also have on display and for sale over 100 directly imported keychains, die-cast metal cars, plaster toy cars, book ends, patches, mugs, T-shirts, jewelry, and many other miscellaneous collectible Opel items.

Opels Unlimited as been in the fore front of designing and setting the standards for Stage equipment. Starting in 1986 with the Stage 2 car was developed. This stage required investing time figuring out exactly what were the best ignition components, adding a Weber 32/36 Carburetor, adding a special spring and bushings to the car to improve the handling of the GT, and lastly researching a cam profile that could get the most out of a Opel engine and keep it streetable. While these modifications worked wonders on the GT, around 1989 it was felt that even more could be done. So, back to the garage Todd went in search of the Stage 3 set-up. Then about a year ago Todd felt that while the stage 3 set-up was killer, it could use just a little more tweaking and he invented Stage 4. It just keeps getting better and better each year. For a complete listing of the exact stage standards consult the Opel Enthusiast Club Opel News newsletter.

They are able to completely restore any Opel, as they do the bodywork, engines, interior, smog, glass, rubber, and performance equipment for all Opels. They have done many restorations and would look forward to doing yours.

In their service area they have the capability to everything from oil changes, engine swaps, to tire mounting and alignments for your Opel. They also have done and can guarantee to be able to get your Opel to pass the ultra tough "Smog" inspections here in California.

Opels Unlimited has spent a great deal of money investing in our Opel customers. For the last ten years we have spent thousands on sending pictures of events and cars, Newsletters packed with tech information and specials, we also printed our original catalog in 1986 and have been reprinting it till this catalog was complete, sent out videos of events and our facilities, have printed our own calendars, and sent out other free goodies to all of our over 3000 customers. Speaking of our videos, we have produced specific videos showing all the efforts that went into going to Oklahoma and bringing all those parts back, Our showrooms, Our storage yards, different Opel meets from Carlisle. PA last year to some of the German Opel meets we have been to.

Lastly Opels Unlimited has started the Opel Enthusiast Club. Which is a extension of the work Opels Unlimited has done over the last 14 years for its customers. Now with a club and officers even more information and newsletters can go out to our customers in a even better way then before. The club will now produce the videos, the newsletters, and all the other things that Todd used to try to do on his own. Club members also will be getting members only offers that could easily save you more than the $50 one time cost of joining the club. We expect nothing but good things in the future and if you join us, you too can enjoy all the benefits.

After all these years and all the competition. Opels Unlimited can still say we are "Your One Stop Opel Shop" with everything you need in stock and we can beat anyones prices on anything. Remember the motto "If you bought it somewhere else you paid to much"



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